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Customer satisfaction will always be our top priority, so we’ve laid down a few ground rules to ensure smooth services. We request our clients to read through our rules and regulations. This will ensure that both parties are on the same page from the get-go.
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Rights and License to Use
Color Bar LLC permits you reserved rights and the license to use this website for your personal use. You may use it to avail our online consultation services and get details about our salon services. However, this license is non-applicable for commercial use.

You are not authorized to reuse or resale our contents (e.g., consultations, product descriptions, downloaded material, product listings, and pricing). Furthermore, Color Bar LLC reserves the right to use remove user accounts, cancel orders, modify contents, and refuse services at its sole discretion.

Disclaimer: This right to use is only given to users over 18. Anyone who is below 18 must utilize our services under parental guidance and supervision. We don’t offer services to users under the age of 13.

Color Bar LLC has complete ownership of all the web content and information available on this site. This includes content and materials related to our logo, trademarks, web design, graphics, software, and other data. All information shared on this site about our company and services is strictly provided for personal use online.

Individuals have no right to copy, duplicate, or recreate content features on this site. Neither do you have any right to copy the web design of our website. You may not use our name, trademark or content without our consent. Any such extraction, whether manual or through technological means (e.g., robots, tools, and software) is prone to face copyright charges.

All our content is by the United States and international trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws. Any illegal use of Color Salon’s intellectual property will cause grievous consequences. This includes the termination of the license and rights that’s been granted to users. It might even result in lawsuits or copyright charges.

Third Party Links
Color Bar Salon has associated with various third parties to improve the value of our customer’s experience with us. You may see multiple external links and recommendations on this site regarding relevant hair products or services. We try our best to seek out genuine and authorized affiliations to facilitate your needs.

Yet, this doesn’t mean the Color Bar Salon should be held responsible for any claims or statements published on the external links. It must be noted that we have no control over the information provided by the third parties. This is why you must contact the relevant service providers in case of any discrepancy.

Our aim is solely to educate and inform clients of all the available options at their disposal. Nevertheless, we are open to any suggestions or complaints that you may have regarding a particular link/third party. Your feedback helps us improve our services for the better. However, we don’t promise to take actionable steps unless stated otherwise.

About Our Services


Service Descriptions
Color Bar Salon does its best to describe its services with precision and transparency. But our description might be liable to interpretations and assumptions. We don’t rely on false claims, nor do we prefer to allude to permanent solutions. Our salon services and online consultation services hope to only offer the right direction, safe options, and high-quality services to our customers.
We don’t take ownership of any information shared by third-parties or product descriptions promoted through affiliate programs. Those claims are the responsibility of the manufacturer and external service providers.

Color Bar Salon does only have your best interest in mind. If any of our service claims or descriptions fail to deliver, then you are requested to contact us. We will try our best to resolve the issue.

Please check our refunds section for further instructions.

Return Policy
At present, the ColorBar Salon does not sell any products or coloring agents created in our premises. The online color consultation service only offers recommendations. Any product promoted on our official website is via an affiliated program.

We request unsatisfied customers to contact the direct manufacturers or service providers in case of any discrepancy regarding the products.

Refund Policy
Our salon services on-site and online consultation services are all non-refundable. We do not negotiate, bargain, or compensate patrons who register any complaints regarding refunds.

However, the salon does authorize a redo for the services performed at the salon. Customers are requested to get in touch with us (via email or landline) for a redo. But do keep in mind that this offer is only valid for 5 days. That means you are permitted to ask for a redo within the first five days after your salon services. Any requests after that duration will be discarded.

What about online color consultations?
Our online consultation services are completely non-refundable. We do not do permit any do-over or alternative consultation after you’ve paid for the invoice.

Nevertheless, online customers may contact their colorist expert for a free consultation within 72 hours for additional consultations. Like the first time, these consultations will take place via email.

Some points to remember:
– The free consultations are only permissible if they are related to instructions/guidelines or safety concerns. You cannot request a change in the color plan or product during your free consultation.
– You can only contact the colorist who handled your first consultation.
– Your requests for a second consultation after the 72 hours time limit will be charged.

Customers are requested to adhere to these rules. Or else, their subscription to the online consultation program might get canceled.

Color Bar Salon has the right to modify and change all the prices featured on our website. Our services and consultation fees will be updated in a timely fashion. But do get in touch with us if you are uncertain about the pricing.

Moreover, the product prices featured on our official website are not our responsibility. You are requested to contact the direct manufactures/ service providers for this.

Payment Methods
All clients are requested to pay their dues before availing our online consultation services. The services provided on-site will be cleared after their appointment.

We provide a variety of payment methods to accommodate our client’s needs. The salon accepts payments via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express. It’s your responsibility to pay for any additional fees that are required for processing.

What if you can’t pay us through these channels? Then we request you to contact our support team to arrange alternative ways to pay the fee.

Please note:
– E-payments may take a few days to clear up. Your consultation invoice can only be sent after we have received the required amount.
– Payment methods and security checks might change with time. You are requested to check this page and pricing packages before availing our services.
– We request you to contact customer support on occasion of any falsified bill or misuse of your security details. The matter will be resolved within due time.


Product Warranties
Color Bar Salon does not sell personal products or manufacture them. The product warranties and other details are provided by their rightful owners. Customers are requested to check and verify the direct websites in case of warranty issues.

Plus, we advise clients to do a trial test on their skin/strand of hair before using new products. This precautionary measure helps prevent any adverse allergic reactions to the product they are using.

For You

User Accounts
You are requested to create online accounts on this site if you want to use our online consultation services. The account helps us register and monitor clients who are using consultation services. It is also the official medium available for you to contact the colorist.

How to create a user account?
– You must provide relevant contact information (e.g., your full name, email address, and other contact details). The site will also ask you to provide the password for your account.
– Please agree to our terms and conditions policy before signing up for our virtual services. This ensures that there is no misinterpretation regarding the services we offer.
– Follow instructions and fill in the questionnaire to receive customized consultation.
– Make sure to pay the consultation fees on time to get access to the complete package.

What if you forget your password?

Our system will automatically send you an email that allows you to reset the password. The email is received shortly after you request the system to demand a reset option. Clients are requested to contact the support team if there is any other problem related to your user account.

Privacy Policy
Color Bar Salon considers your privacy as our top priority. The personal data shared on this site is used only to provide you with the services that you have paid for. We don’t use this information for any personal gains nor pass it over to third parties.

Our site uses a safe and secure means to collect any information that you provide. Your personal data refers to any content that can be used to identify you or your location. This includes your full name, address, email ids, phone numbers, passwords and any photographs that you might have shared.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We do our best to provide quality services to all our clients. You may refer to our refund and returns policy to understand our methods to resolve the issue. Your request for a redo hair color (limited to salon services) is only applicable within the first 5 days after the service. The online consultation service may only be elaborated upon request within the first 72 hours.

You are requested to contact our customer support staff for further details. All feedback and complaints are promptly addressed depending on the urgency of the issue.


Limitation of Liability
The Color Bar Salon is not liable for any incidental, accidental, indirect, or consequential damages received by the client. We can’t be held responsible for any damage whatsoever, whether in action, impartiality, or negligence during the course of our collaboration with you. This liability clause refers to any event related to our salon services, online consultation services, or the utilization of the content provided by our team. Clients are responsible for acting upon any of our instructions at their own risks. They should always reconfirm instructions in case of any issues.

Our liability rights protect us from any refunds that may be claimed on any event. The limited liability might be changed in the imminent future.

You hereby agree to indemnify, defend and compensate Color Salon and its team (including owners, customer support, color consultants and other service providers) against damages, costs and expenses, losses against and legal fees, required due to the violation of these terms and conditions. We must not pay for any misconduct or negligent activity that is conducted from your online account on this website. This includes situations where an unidentified person might have hacked into your account to perform wrongful acts.

Modifications to the Terms of Use
Color Bar Salon has the right to change the terms and conditions, privacy policy or any other information on this site. Unless noted otherwise, all revised terms and conditions and policies automatically become effective within 24 hours of their posting date. We advise clients to verify this page before seeking new consultation/services.

We consider your continued use of our services as an indirect acceptance of these policies. You are requested to cancel your account or decline services on occasion if you stop agreeing to our policies. We prefer to get prior notice before you terminate the use of this site.

Thank you for reading our terms and condition page. We request you to abide by these rules to prevent yourself from facing any avoidable charges.


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